Waste Management Plans

Waste Management Plans (WMP) is requested by the council to determine how much waste and recycling will be generated by each occupant and how it will be collected and removed off-site. They are normally called up with mixed-use non-residential and larger unit developments sites to determine if waste and recycling can be picked up curbside or will require private collection.

Key points
  • We prepare WMP within 5 business days.
  • We offer practical solutions that work within the client’s budgets
  • Competitively priced, especially when combined with other reports
  • Have worked with all councils and understand their preferred outcomes

What not to do

Smaller development sites can also trigger the need for a WMP as the street frontage may include a large tree and several street signs limiting the space for kerbside collection.

We have consulted on many tricky sites and have been able to offer cost-effective practical solutions that have resulted in minimal design modification to satisfy council waste guidelines.

We can incorporate WMP with our ESD report to offer our clients considerable savings.

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