Section J Report

A Section J report, also known as an NCC Part J assessment, is required for non-residential building projects. It references the requirements from the NCC.Vol1 Part J energy efficiency and it is a requirement for all class 3-9 buildings

Building Classifications

  • Class 3 – Residential building other than class 1 and class 2
  • Class 5 – An office building
  • Class 6 – Shops
  • Class 7 – Car parking and storage
  • Class 8 – Laboratory and factory
  • Class 9 – Health care, assembly building in school, an aged care facility

Compliance Sections

  • J1 Building Fabric
  • J3 Building Seal
  • J5 Air conditioning and ventilation system
  • J6 Artificial Lighting and Power
  • J7 Heated Water Supply
  • J8 Access for maintenance and Monitoring Facilities
Our reports have been developed with ease of use in mind.
We summarize all requirements for our clients and our builders at the beginning of our reports.
We have all our computations in an easy-to-read format, so the building surveyor is satisfied with our calculations.

Efficient, cost effective sustainability (ESD) reports for building and planning permits.