Sustainable Design Assessments

During the planning stage, councils will generally ask for a report outlining key Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) measures that will be implemented during the construction stage.

For smaller developments (1-9 units) and non-residential developments less than 1000m2, the council will request Sustainable Design Assessment (SDA) Report. The SDA report will include a Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard (BESS) scorecard which will assess 9 key criteria to satisfy the council’s ‘Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process” (SDAPP).

Key points
  • We prepare SDA reports within 5 business days.
  • We offer practical solutions that work within the client’s budgets
  • We offer design advice to assist with a more favourable 6-star energy rating outcome.
  • Competitively priced
  • Have worked with all councils and understand their preferred outcomes

STORM Assessment

A STORM Assessment scorecard system will also need to be included. A STORM assessment measures the developments in the ability to treat stormwater. This is required as developments introduce a large percentage of hard surface areas which may previously have been a permeable area such as lawn and vegetation.

With the increase in hard surface areas, comes the increase in rainwater through our stormwater system and the sediment with it. Treatment types such as rainwater tanks, rain gardens and buffer strips can be utilised through development to assist with treating the rainwater before it hits out stormwater drainage system.

Preliminary 6-star energy rating reports will also be included for residential developments. This ensures the dwellings meet the 6-star minimum early on and can determine if there are any design issues that could add cost through high-performance double glazing and insulation.

More councils now have an ESD policy that will trigger a Sustainable Design Assessment and are being triggered not only for dual occupancies but for single dwelling sites also. Given how tight some sites can be, it is recommended to engage a professional ESD consultant early during the design stage so that STORM and BESS scorecard systems can be easily managed and implemented.

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