7/8 Star Design Consulting

Our National House Energy Rating System (NatHERS) in Australia is based on a 10 star rating system. All states have now adopted a minimum 6 star energy rating system that will need to be achieved in order to obtain a building permit.

As a minimum, we will need floor plans, elevations and section to include:
  • One overall dimension on each floor
  • North point
  • All window and door sizes
  • Building materials
  • Construction types
  • Floor coverings
  • Exhaust fan locations
  • Lighting plan
  • Neighbouring information

How we can help

Engaging a PassivEnergy consultant during the design stage will enable us to run a number of preliminary energy ratings that will give us a room by room analysis of all the heating and cooling loads. From here we can work out where the weak points are and offer a range of solutions that will help improve the thermal comfort of your new home or extension that eliminates the hassles and expenses from design errors.

If you have ever thought about a living in a home that was not only comfortable to live in all year round, but also saved you money in heating and cooling bills. This is a good saving strategy given the overall running of your house continues to increase.

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