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Energy Rating Assessors Victoria

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An Energy Rating Assessors Victoria job is to the measurement of the heating and cooling loads of a dwelling to determine how much energy is required per year to keep the occupants comfortable. All of our work is completed by our in-house team located in Victoria.

Energy Rating Assessors Victoria

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Energy Rating Assessors Victoria

Volume Builders

The Best Energy Rating Assessors Victoria “PassivEnergy” is Cost-effective and efficient reports are key when working with the volume builder market. We have optimised our automation to be able to produce fast energy rating report and with the ability to pass the savings back to our clients. Our back end system also keeps clients up to date with where the project is. We currently have the capacity to produce 100 reports a week.

For more complex sites/design, having the CAD files will also help to model critical information.

The Process

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Energy Rating Assessors Victoria For Extensions & Alterations

The size of the extension and the internal works dictate how we achieve compliance.

If the extension and the internal works are over 50%, then the whole building will need to achieve 6 stars. This is because regulation 233 of the building regulations 2018 stipulates that any extension work over the last 3 years that is more than 50% of the original volume, the whole code applies.

So, the whole building must achieve a 6-star energy rating report.

We will treat the existing and alteration works together as a “new” building and provide a 6-star energy rating report.

The client will need to then apply for partial compliance requesting exemption for the existing walls, windows and flooring due to the cost to bring these up to the current 6 star code, the argument being it will cost far more in construction costs to perform these upgrades then the potential in energy savings the owners may receive throughout the life of the home.

If the extension and internal works are under 50%, then a two rating method can be used. This method enables us to perform a 6-star energy rating on the existing dwelling first with all the existing conditions added, with an average result of 1.5-3.5 stars can be expected. Then we perform another 6-star energy rating with the proposed extension also.

The proposed volume needs to be 6 stars, but this is averaged out with the existing dwelling results.

This method is often more cost effective as you only need to concentrate on the proposed extension and the existing roof cavity.


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As A Minimum, We Energy Rating Assessors Victoria need:

  • One overall dimension on each floor

  • North Point

  • All window and door sizes

  • Building materials

  • Construction types

  • Floor coverings

  • Exhaust fan locations

  • Exhaust fan locations

  • Neighbouring information