Green Travel Plan

A Green Travel Plan (GTP) sets out initiatives designed to encourage the use of more sustainable travel methods. Our major cities have fast become crowded with single occupancy car trips causing congestion and pollution. A Green Travel Plan aims to provide occupants knowledge on public transport routes and to promote walking and cycling for small trips. It also assists developers to implement sustainable transport methods such as bike rakes and electric car charging stations for future occupants to utilise.

Travel Mode

A Green Travel Plan is an initiative to encourage travel mode behaviour change. Green Travel Plans are used to promote and encourage people to choose sustainable transport options such as walking, cycling, public transport and carpooling in preference to single occupant car trips whenever practicable. The coordination, implementation and funding for the Green Travel Plan will be the responsibility of the Building Manager. Acknowledging the location and accessibility of the subject development, this Green Travel Plan seeks to minimise staff use of private vehicle transport through:

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